PHOTO Fall in love with Bill Murray’s PBR pants, everyone else has!


During his annual Caddyshack Charity Golf Tournament yesterday in Florida Bill Murray reminded us all that he’s a true national treasure, a masterful stylist and that stories from Florida can be awesome – and not in a bad way.

Murray was taking time off from being generally awesome in Wes Anderson films to raise money for the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation. He made his golf round and the rounds saying hello to folks including FCN2Go’s Lindsey Boetsch who shared the following pic of herself with Murray and his PBR pants… His awesomeriffic, “I’m Bill Murray so you’re dang skippy I can wear these and not come off as hipster ironic because I’m way past that type of criticism,” Pabst Blue Ribbon pants.


Lindsey’s Twitter feed has blown up with folks wanting more insight on the britches of glory. Along with retweeting the avalanche of stories about the pants, she wrote, “Thanks to all my new followers! Or should I thank Bill Murray? Either way, hi!”

You should thank Bill’s pants – definitely.

Even though you’re probably not cool enough to pull off the Blue Ribbon britches – you can purchase them come June here.

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