See Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor!


It’s now a definite thing that Lindsay Lohan will play Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime movie Liz & Dick that starts shooting this summer. Megan Fox was also in consideration for the role, and people often said that she looked more the part, but Lindsay already has some experience dressing up like Liz. She donned a black wig, and filled-in eyebrows for an Interview Magazine shoot in 2006 when she was 19.

Here’s a side-by-side:

There IS a striking resemblance.

Lindsay spoke out this week about some comments Rosie O’Donnell made about her on The Today Show, telling Access Hollywood: “It’s funny that someone you don’t know at all can say something so intrusive and so knowing, I know that I’m great. I know that I know Liz Taylor very well, and I share the same makeup artist and the same hair stylist. We’ve worked with a lot of the same people.”

Here’s what Rosie said: “The last thing she did good, she was 16,” she said passionately, adding, “I don’t think she’s right for the role and I don’t think she’s capable at this point to portray that character.”

Rosie responded to Lindsay’s rebuttal by coming back on the Today Show to say that she didn’t think Lindsay was “untalented” but that she felt like someone had to say what she said to prevent what happened to Whitney Houston from happening with Lindsay.

Rosie also wrote this poem on her website: “lindsay lohan is worth saving / she is the only one who can do it / before it is 2 late / i hope she can finds her value – off camera / and then – when she returns – on camera / she will wow us all / once more.”