VIDEO Lindsay Lohan’s commercial filmed under house arrest

Lindsay Lohan's house arrest commercial

I think making a bunch of bank filming a commercial while under house arrest is a much more effective kiss my backside statement than actually writing F’ you on your fingernail. So I’m guessing that maybe Lindsay Lohan actually is maturing!

The now notorious actress filmed a very brief spot for According to TMZ she was originally offered 25k which Lohan initially said “no thanks” to but the two parties came to a mutual undisclosed amount that would work better for the actress. Beezid is an auction site that allows you to bid up on name brand items a penny at a time. It’s a little complicated but you can get more deets here. Or better yet let’s let Lindsay Lohan make an under 20 second pitch!

“Hey to all my friends. I just want to share with you that during my time at home I’ve found this amazing site with great deals. It’s called Be sure to check it out.”

Wait that’s it? That has to be the easiest money she’s ever made. On a little side note, are those bejeweled pillows behind her that spell “L-O-V-E?” I love you Lindsay!