REPORT Rehab banned Dina Lohan from talking to Lindsay after the mom drunk dialed her daughter

Drunk Dina Lohan

The people of the Cliffside Malibu treatment facility aren’t rushing to nominate Dina Lohan for Mother of the Year: According to TMZ, Dina made such a bad impression on the Cliffside Malibu counselors that they barred her from speaking to Lindsay Lohan for the duration of the young actress’ treatment.

The climax in Dina’s bad behavior allegedly came around Lindsay’s birthday on July 2. Counselors from Cliffside Malibu thought it would be a good time to get Dina on the phone so she could wish her oldest daughter a happy birthday. However, the person from the clinic who first spoke with Dina concluded the 50-year-old mother was already celebrating with friends Jack Daniels and Jose Cuervo.

After that point, the counselors at Cliffside Malibu realized Dina was capable of harming her daughter’s recovery — so they’ve blocked mother-daughter communication.

This new report contradicts what Dina told the New York Post last week when she said the whole family was going to visit Lindsay. Then again, Dina has proven she’s not the greatest at promoting recovery…

She has often been pictured out at late-night parties with Lindsay. She also gained negative attention last year when she appeared on Dr. Phil in a seemingly intoxicated state.

Lindsay is scheduled for release from the treatment facility on July 31. She will then begin filming an eight-episode reality series for OWN.

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