CATFISH Details on Thaddius, Sara Marie and Ashley from this week’s episode

Catfish Sara Marie beach photo

It’s another week, which means another CUH-RAZY, head-shaking hour of Catfish: The TV Show! On this week’s episode we meet Thaddius, a former corrections officer from Texas who befriended a number of strangers online looking for someone to talk to when he was having marital difficulties. He struck up a conversation with a Sara Jackson (photo above), and “opened his soul” to her.

Initially, Sara advised Thad to tell his wife all that he was feeling and to try to make the relationship work. However, Thad and his wife decided to separate, and after about a month, Sara revealed to Thad that she had developed feelings for him. They arranged to meet, and that’s when the craziness started.

She missed that initial meeting because of an epileptic seizure, and later she was abducted by her ex. Thad recounts being on the phone with Sara when he heard breaking glass and Sara said her ex had just broken in. This inspires the now famous line from Nev Schulman featured in the preview trailer for the current season: “This is crazy, though, that you’re, like, on the phone with someone as they may or may not be murdered.”

Here’s a summary graphic of what we know so far about Thad and Sara:

Catfish Thaddius Sara Ashley What we know so far

Thad eventually had enough, so he donned his Catfish Junior Detective cap and did a little research. He discovered that Sara’s real name was Ashley and that the photos Ashley was using on her profile belonged to a girl actually named Sara Marie.

That’s about all we know based on the previews, but I followed in Thad’s sleuthsteps and found the real Sara Marie’s Facebook page. Her name is Sara Peccia and here’s a photo of her in which you can see why her image is so theftable:

Catfish Sara Marie

I scrolled through Sara’s timeline over the past year and a half and found numerous entries referencing this “crazy stalker” Ashley, who repeatedly used Sara’s images to create fake Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and even online dating website profiles!

What’s funny is that Nev Schulman’s name is mentioned many, many times as Sara’s friends jokingly (but sort of not jokingly) encourage her to submit her story to Catfish: The TV Show. Here is a timeline of Facebook entries from Sara and her friends that lead right up until her recent reveal that she is actually going to be on the show.

Click to enlarge:
Catfish Sara Marie Facebook post
Catfish Sara Jackson real Facebook post - click to enlarge
Catfish Sara Marie Facebook post about Ashley 2014
Catfish Sara Marie Facebook post about Nev Schulman and Catfish
Catfish Sara Marie Facebook page reveals she will be on Catfish

Ashley’s full name is Ashley Pietrowicz, and some of her recent Facebook posts seem to indicate that perhaps she didn’t learn too much from Nev and Max’s Catfish intervention. Here is her entry from June 4, which does appear to be tinged with humility:

Let me just say this… I know I am far from perfect, as a person and as a mother, and I make (and sometimes repeat, unfortunately) mistakes and God only knows I’ve got my problems but I KNOW why (most of) the things happen to me that do… Because I made a choice that led that. Most of the time a choice I KNEW better than making. And I’m certainly not afraid to admit it. I’m working on it and myself and that’s all I can do. I am not some victim in life. And, I may not be where I need to be but thankfully I’m not where I USED to be. You do you, and I’ll do me. Lucky for you, you don’t have to live my life.

And here are a series of quotes that she has posted since in the for of text graphics:

I’d rather have an enemy who admits they hate me, instead of a friend who secretly puts me down.

If you have a problem with me – call me. If you don’t have my number, then that means you don’t know me well enough to have a problem.

(It seems like Thaddius had her number and a problem.)

Remember something, these people don’t give a f**k about you unless you’re doing something for them.

She also shared a series of selfies with captions like “#‎nofilter‬ ‪#‎noedits‬ Unlike some ppl. ? #‎keepitreal‬ ”

On July 24 she posted this — I have no idea if it is directed at Sara:

Lmao ? ? oh my lord… you are an attention seeking, dramatic b!tch and I can’t stand even seeing your face! You’re ridiculous. Made this public just so you can see hunny! ? #‎Byefelicia‬ — feeling amused.

It sounds like we may have another Tracey Barbie on our hands! In other words, it sounds like we may have another can’t miss episode of Catfish on our hands! Tune in Wednesday night at 10/9c to see (I hope) the actual showdown between Thaddius, Sara and Ashley!

UPDATE – Click here to see Sara Pietrowicz’s mug shot photos from her larceny arrests.

Until then, here’s one more photo of Sara. DO NOT STEAL IT to make your own fake profile!

Catfish Sara Marie Facebook

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