PHOTOS Mackenzie McKee shows off bikini physique before NPC fitness competition

Mackenzie McKee fitness pageant bikini posing photos

Now that former Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee has put all that “sex tape” nonsense behind her, she can focus on her goal of becoming a fitness model. She’s been in preparation for months to compete in the NPC Texas State Pro National Qualifier event in August, and today she showed off how much her hard work has paid off in the form of a series of eye-popping bikini photos!

Mackenzie shared the photos above on Instagram earlier today and wrote this lengthy caption:

So sorry for the npc picture overload…? but weather I look good, win or not. I have never been scared of losing or failing in life. But I have been TERRIFIED of having to say I “never tried” going into my first comp I KNOW I tried my best, and that’s worth gold to me. My pictures from seven weeks ago looked NOTHING like this and that tells me I have went at leaat somewhere. Follow my journey in life as I go. Because I promise you… “I am not stopping here” I WILL become a champion weather it be tomorrow or later on down the road. I WILL go some where ? #npc #fitnessmodel #fitmom #reachingmydreams #fitnessfanatic #watchmegro

For comparison, here is Mackenzie showing off her competition bikini right after she got it twelve weeks ago:

Mackenzie has been documenting and sharing her fitness journey with Instagram and Twitter photos, lots of workout videos on her YouTube channel, and entries on her fitness blog. Here is an edited timeline of her progress:

January 24

February 15

February 20

May 14

3 months out

A photo posted by Mackenzie (Douthit) Mckee (@mackenzietaymckee) on

June 29

Mackenzie McKee bikini photo with dog Diesel as a puppy

July 8 (Click here for more from this shoot)

Mackenzie McKee boob job

July 15

July 22

Mackenzie McKee bikini posing

We wish Mackenzie well at the competition! And if you’re going to be in Texas in August, then head on over to the Irving Convention Center on August 15 and cheer her on!

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