How much plastic surgery has Janice Dickinson had? Before and After pics

Janice Dickinson has had a long career in the spotlight, both as a crazy-successful supermodel, and more recently she’s found work as a notorious reality-show personality. She can be seen right now on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew recovering from alcohol and prescription drug addiction. Like many addicts, Janice uses drugs and alcohol to escape from the pain of an abusive childhood.

But Janice’s not only hooked on chemicals, she may also be hooked on the knife and needle. She’s had extensive work done to stave away aging.

After forging a successful modeling career without big boobies, Janice went in for implants in 1996.

March 2004, Janice she signed for a list of surgeries and procedures comparable to the grotesque gauntlet Heidi Montag put herself through a year ago. Janice had brow lift, eye lift, mini-face lift, lipo suction on her stomach and thighs, and had some of that fat injected into her face.

She also regularly gets botox injections and Restylyn injections in her lips to maintain her look.

Unlike many celebrities who demurely deny they’ve ever set foot in a plastic surgeon’s office or even looked at a Botox needle, Janice is so open about her time under the knife that she wrote a book about it Everything About Me is Fake — And I’m Perfect.

She once told The Insider:

“My world, my body, my soul. I pay my own bills, I’m gonna do what I want to make myself feel and look better.”

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