Tabatha Coffey almost died from breast implants

Tabatha Coffey's Melon takeover!

The extremely business savvy, pull-no-punches Tabatha Coffey has overhauled more than just flailing salons, she also overhauled her chest by getting breast implants! But, her new pair of killer boobs turned out to be just that… KILLER BOOBS!

“I had lusted after bigger boobs for years, and then they almost killed me,” the star of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover on Bravo reveals in her new book, It’s Not Really About the Hair. The botched procedure apparently ruptured an artery leading to an infection in her chest, and within days her left breast had shifted up under her arm and onto her shoulder!

“It was an incredibly traumatic ordeal,” Tabatha (Or should I say Ta-Tabatha) writes. She would eventually elect to have the implants removed and sums up the ordeal by stating, “I was better off accepting my real boobs.”

Apparently chasing after large breasts doesn’t just get men into trouble!

Be sure to tune in to Tabatha’s Takeover (One of my favorite reality shows on television!) Monday nights at 10/9c on Bravo.

CLICK HERE to read Tabatha’s memoir It’s Not About the Hair, where she talks about her upbringing amidst transgender strippers and mobsters.

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