Rwar! Amy Winehouse signs goddaughter Dionne Bromfield to new record label Lioness Records


Amy Winehouse announced on her site,, that she’s officially launched her very own record label, Lioness Records. Her first and only artist is none other than her very own goddaughter, 13-year-old Dionne Bromfield.

I listened to the batch of Dionne’s tunes available on the site, and the girl has a set of pipes. The young teen uses her powerful voice to emulate her godmother, and her godmother’s influences. She takes Amy’s peculiar twist on the 60’s girl band sound, and brings clarity to it. Sometimes she sounds almost exactly like Amy, like an unmarred Amy, a self-confident and sober Amy.

There’s definitely a half ton of love dripping off of this whole project. Amy obviously believes in Dionne and is using all of her power to give this young lady a platform for her enormous talent. In Amy’s words:

“The first time I heard Dionne sing, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing… such an amazing voice from such a young girl. I’m just so proud of her. I’m very lucky to have a record label. I’ve got all these people that I love, that are really talented – and Dionne is my number one”.

Introducing Dionne Bromfield is set to debut October 12. If Amy manages to sign artists as talented as Dionne, Lioness will be a fierce competitor in the music industry.

Here’s a promotion video Amy and Dionne made for the new album:

The Lioness concept and logo comes from a necklace Amy’s nan gave her, which deeply touched the scandalous and successful chanteuse. About her nan, Amy comments:

“My nan was like my best friend. She was the sweetest, strongest, most amazing person I’ve ever met and when I was thinking of what to call the label I picked up the necklace and knew straight away that I’d call it Lioness, in honour of Cynthia.”

Amy’s an amazing talent with so much potential, and it’s wonderful to see her being so productive and positive. Keep it up, Ames, your musical efforts are always a breath of fresh air.

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