VIDEO – Amy Winehouse backs up goddaughter Dionne Bromfield singing ‘Mama Said’ on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’


Critics said she was wobbly and bashed her for not being smooth with her dance moves, but the fact is Amy kept up with her fellow back-up singers pretty well. She wore a demur black dress almost down to her knees, and her signature beehive looked groomed and cared for.

AmyWinehousebackup The key here is that instead of causing a distraction, Amy Winehouse’s presence was a complement, a great back-up, to 13-year-old Dionne Bromfield’s stunning performance. Dionne simply killed. She’s got a strong, ferocious voice that doesn’t miss a beat, or a note. She’s got flawless technique, and tremendous talent. She brings a great amount of energy and youth to her 60’s girl-group soul covers, and it’s exciting to imagine how she’ll grow and develop into her own music as she matures.

dionnebromfieldAmy Winehouse recently signed Dionne, her goddaughter, to Amy’s newly minted label, Lioness Records. Dionne’s album, Introducing Dionne Bromfield comes out in the U.K. Monday, October 12. Amy is also rumored to having a new record coming out next year.

Let’s hope this positive venture with her goddaughter has inspired her to keep going with her own enormous talent. With all the ridiculous antics Amy Winehouse gets into it’s sometimes easy to forget what a musical force she is. It seems Amy herself often forgets. Maybe a 13-year-old powerhouse is helping her remember.

Watch the Strictly Come Dancing performance from last night: