Russell Crowe snubs comedian Rebel Wilson by acting like… Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe attends 'Les Miserables' New York Premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City, USA.Rebel Wilson at the premiere of RADiUS-TWC's 'Bachelorette' at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood, California.

Rebel Wilson is one of the up-and-coming funny ladies in the business, so hearing that she was cussed out by a celebrity doesn’t sound all that shocking. Not everyone has a sense of humor and for an actor, being insulted by a comedian in Hollywood is bound to happen — even though it may not be funny to them. However, when Rebel came face-to-face with Russell Crowe, it wasn’t her comedy that made him drop the f-bomb.

Last night, Rebel appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno were she opened up about her disappointing experience with her fellow Australian. Rebel began by revealing that several years ago she had won the Nicole Kidman Scholarship while studying at the Australian Theater for Young People.

The scholarship sent her to New York City where she was able to study comedy and ultimately achieve her dreams. “Nicole paid for everything!” Rebel explained. “An apartment, going to see Broadway shows…she doesn’t know about that.”

Unfortunately, Rebel never actually met the star and hadn’t been able to thank her in person — and it’s all Russell’s fault.

“One time in Sydney I saw her having dinner with Russell Crowe, and I go, ‘Ok, now is my chance, I’m going to say thank you,'” Rebel recalls. “But before I could say anything, Russell turns to me and just says, ‘F**k off!’ So, I just put my head down and walked away.”

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