Breaking Amish Sabrina High’s baby Oakley photos

Breaking Amish Sabrina's daughter Oakley photo

Now that In Touch has debuted Breaking Amish babies Malika and Oakley in their current issue (photo below), the moms are taking to the internet to share even more great pics! Earlier today we shared photos of Rebecca Schmucker’s baby daughter Malika (and her older sister Kayla) and now we have photos of Sabrina High’s newborn daughter Oakley!

First, here are the In Touch photos which were retweeted by Sabrina:

After retweeting the photo above, Sabrina shared the photo at the top of this post and wrote, “Another pic of her eyes are open 🙂 ”

On Facebook, Sabrina shared this next picture of herself and little Oakley with no caption:

Breaking Amish return To Amish Sabrina High and daughter Oakley

UPDATE – And another one!

Sabrina High's baby daughter Oakley photo

UPDATE – And lots more!!!

Sabrina High and daughter Oakley shades

Sabrina High's daughter Oakley 7

Sabrina High's daughter Oakley 4

Apparently the photos on Twitter and Facebook as well as the ones from In Touch inspired the haters to be haters and Sabrina responded with this message on Facebook:

If you dont got anything nice to say you can keep it to yourself love all these haters on fbook and twitter. People are idiots. If you have that level of hatred in your heart to where you resort to bashing people you dont even know, please go to f***ing therapy because you need it. And I say this with a huge smile on my face because I am happy because I accomplished something I have always wanted. Bitterness comes from sitting around watching others achieve their dreams instead of chasing your own. I know this because I have been there. I will NOT apologize for who I am or what I do because this is who I am and if you dont like it thats your problem not mine.

Today, I am more alive than I have ever been ♥

And speaking of Sabrina accomplishing something she’s always wanted, she shared this selfie on Twitter as documentation of her post-pregnancy weight loss and wrote, “Half way to my goal!! #weightloss #sixweeksafterbirth”

Breaking Amish Sabrina High weight loss after pregnancy

Be sure to catch Sabrina and Oakley (and Rebecca and Malika and the rest of the original Breaking Amish cast) when Return To Amish premieres Sunday, June 1 at 9/8 on TLC!

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