REPORT Was Aaron Hernandez bisexual? Odin Loyd murdered to keep sexuality hidden

Aaron Hernandez is arraigned in Attleboro District Court, Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A new report suggests that the real reason Aaron Hernandez committed murder may have been to keep his bisexuality a secret. The many mysteries surrounding the 27-year-old former NFL Pro Bowler, who hanged himself to death in his prison cell last week, is the subject of a new report by Newsweek–and the report floats Hernandez’s alleged bisexuality as a possible motive for murder.

But was Aaron Hernandez bisexual? The Newsweek article cites “interviews with multiple law inforcement officials directly involved in the case” who offer three pieces of evidence claiming the answer might be yes. The first is that Hernandez’s friend Odin Lloyd apparently knew that “Hernandez had a complicated sex life and could pass that information to his girlfriend, the sister of the Patriot’s player’s fiancée.”

Furthermore, Ernest Wallace, one of two co-defendents in the murder trial, testified that Hernandez was a “smoocher”–a slur against homosexuals–and was recorded calling Hernandez a “limp wrist” during a later jailhouse visit with Hernandez’s cousin. (The report also reinforces the fact that Hernandez was “high on hydroponic marijuana” when he killed Lloyd in June of 2013.)

The second piece of evidence is that Hernandez left one of his three suicide notes for the unidentified man with whom he’d allegedly had a homosexual relationship since the two were in high school. In addition, detectives confirm that Hernandez “moved a large amount of money into three accounts” just before he was arrested on murder charges: one for the aforementioned fiancée; one for his daughter; and one for the friend. Aaron Hernandez’s alleged homosexual relationship became of interest to detectives only after it became clear that Hernandez’s friends’ and associates’ knowledge of it may have led to Lloyd’s murder.

And the third piece of evidence is that Hernandez reportedly had a prison boyfriend, also unidentified. That man is now reportedly on a round-the-clock suicide watch.

Aaron Hernandez’s funeral is being held today, April 24th, in his hometown of Bristol CT.

(Photo credits: Was Aaron Hernandez bisexual via YouTube, Mike George / Sun Chronicle / Splash)

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