Real Housewives of New York newest housewife Jennifer Gilbert

''Real Housewives Of New York City'' Season 3 Premiere Party

The newest New York Real Housewife on the scene, Jennifer Gilbert, has been described as “easygoing” and “the nice one.” She’s a businesswoman, like Ramona, and is president of the event-planning organization “Save The Date.” She’s introduced on the show planning a skating party for Jill Zarin.

She also owns PortaMee, a baby sling company. Gilbert, who won the prestigious title of “Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young” in 1998, has recently been in the press for suing a dating site, Save the Date(ing), for trademark infringement.

The owner of Save the Date(ing), Hattie Elliot, accused Gilbert of “bullying tactics,” and is contesting the allegations.

Gilbert wed her husband, a bank executive Bennett Egeth who likes to eat dessert first, in 2002 after a classic romcom “I didn’t know I was in love with my best friend” plot. Click here to read the movie treatment in the New York Times society pages.

Looks like the girl knows how to spin a tale, which could make her a perfect edition on The Housewives. It’s hard to get a read on Gilbert, but it’s difficult to get a read on any person until you see how they interact (or react) with the other women in the Bravo Bubble.

In the NYPost Gilbert states that these Housewives shows aren’t scripted, but that the drama just kind of explodes because they’re in the pressure cooker of the show during filming.

Gilbert has three children with Egeth, a 4-year-old daughter, Blaise, and 1-year old identical twin boys Saxton and Grey, all conceived through IVF. She even spoke with The Economist about how she was hoping for twins the second time around because it helped grow a larger IVF family with less hassle. “It’s an expensive, emotional process so it makes sense that people want it over with,” she said.