VIDEO: President Obama Late Night Address: Osama bin Laden Dead!

Osama Bin Laden announced to be dead

President Obama has called a White House press conference late on Sunday night, 10:30 pm, a planned 15-minute address. Whatever the topic, a hastily called press conference at this time of the night on Sunday is a big deal.

Osama Bin Laden has been announced to be dead.

The 10:30 pm announcement has still not happened, but it has been reported at Fox News that Osama Bin Laden –  the terrorist mastermind behind the rise of Al Qaeda and countless terror attacks against America and other nations, with 9/11 being the most famous terror attack of all time to his credits – has been announced to be dead. Chad Pergram of Fox News has reported that multiple sources have announced this as a fact.

“Killed a week ago by a US bomb, been waiting a week to test his DNA.”

AP reports that the United States has his body.

It will be fascinating to see where he was located when the bombing occurred. Pakistan? And what will be the followup in a military sense now that Bin Laden is gone? Will the bond between Al Qaeda and the Taliban break? Will Pakistan tribal leaders be more inclined to help American forces, making our success in stabilizing the region from terrorist influences easier?

The story of how and under what circumstances bin Laden was finally taken down will be a very captivating tale.

UPDATE: 11:08 PM

CNN reports Osama was killed in a mansion outside Islamabad, Pakistan.

More rumors surrounding the mode of death: Shot in close quarters. So at least at this point, the cause of death is an open matter of speculation.

UPDATE: 11:19 PM

Crowds outside the White House chanting, “USA! USA!”

Still waiting on Presidential address.

UPDATE: 11:22 PM

Authorities around the world are being warned to take extra security precautions in light of this announcement. Translation: No telling what kind of response will be forthcoming from Bin Laden forces/sympathizers.

Senior Pakistani officials confirm Bin Laden was killed inside Pakistan.

UPDATE: 11:36

The President is now speaking.

It is confirmed that the terrorist leader was killed in a ground firefight in a location in Pakistan. The United States is in possession of his body.

Here is the embedded video of President Obama’s speech:


President Obama contacted President Bush to inform him of the news. Very classy move from current President to former President.

More details on the killing: Four US helicopters attacked from Pakistani airbase north of the area. One of the three men killed may have been Osama’s oldest son.

We will be updating as more news comes in.


Final update: The killing of Osama bin Laden actually took place at about 2:00 pm EST Sunday afternoon, not last week as described in previous reports.

For biographical information on Osama bin Laden, read this ABC News profile.