Pregnant Texan stabbed while on FaceTime with military husband welcomes baby girl


A Texas mother and her newborn baby girl have been reunited for the first time since a brutal knife attack at her home.

Rachel Poole was stabbed numerous times and beaten by an assailant last week while 9 months pregnant and the entire horrifying attack unfolded while she was on the popular video application FaceTime with her husband who was away on deployment in southwest Asia.

Husband and expecting father Justin Poole was helpless as he could hear his wife scream the alleged attacker’s name, Corey Bernard Moss several times to identify him. Justin immediately posted a plea on Facebook :

“If u are seeing this message find out what f-–g hospital my wife is in and tell me the fu***ng whereabouts of Corey moss. He fu***ng went to my house while I’m deployed and stabbed her…”

Moss fled the scene but Rachel somehow managed to dial 911 even though she had been stabbed in her face, abdomen and suffered several fractures. Moss is believed to have owed the Pooles money for vehicle repairs and came to the home to discuss that with Rachel. She wasn’t home when he got there so he broke in and waited for her to arrive.

Justin contacted Moss’ co-workers, who confronted him and found the knife used in the attack, according to police.

Friday, just two days after the stabbing, Rachel gave birth to baby Isabella via C-section. The Pooles, Justin returned home and was by his wife’s side, told KFOX14 that Isabella has since been discharged from the hospital because of her good health, this after she was first ill from all the medication her mother had been on since being admitted, and has been transferred to an undisclosed location.


Rachel previously said:

“We have an amazingly strong daughter who is absolutely gorgeous. It means the world, just being able to see her and know that, through everything, that she’s doing just fine.”

Justin Poole told KFOX14 that the family has not made any requests for donations but friends have been organizing fundraisers to help with medical bills and any other assistance the family might need. In addition, Poole provided a list of legitimate contacts if anyone wished to help, because there were already scams popping up attempting to take advantage of this situation, and noted that any money beyond what was needed would be donated to a battered-women’s fund.

Rachel has begun physical therapy and Justin stated that she has no vision in one eye but recently began to see halos in it.

Moss has been charged with attempted murder. Police stated that he admitted to the stabbing as his initial bond of $60,000 was upped to $150,000.

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