PHOTOS – Why did Bethenny Frankel’s face swell so badly during pregnancy?

Bethenny Frankel suffered some serious face swellage during her eighth month of pregnancy. It started while she was on her honeymoon, but didn’t get into full force until shortly before the birth of her daughter Bryn.

Her face nearly doubled in size, and she’s described herself as looking like a “beast.” During the process (which we’ll witness tonight on Bethenny Getting Married?) Bethenny tweeted about putting bags of frozen vegetables on her face and getting massages to reduce swelling, which she claimed worked.

She went into labor five weeks early soon after her face exploded, which may have been good because severe swelling in the face late in pregnancy can be a sign of preeclampsia, a dangerous condition for both the mother and the child. There have been no reports of Bethenny suffering from preeclampsia, and this massive swelling can also occur during normal pregnancies. Thankfully both Bryn and Bethenny are now happy and healthy two months after the delivery, and Bethenny is facing the decision of having another child with husband Jason Hoppy while she still can.

Here’s Bethenny and her puffy face while her water is breaking:

And, Bethenny in labor: