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The first thing that Bravo wants you to know about Tara Harper, one of the six stars of its new reality show Most Eligible Dallas, is that she has been engaged four times. What does this tell us about Tara? Well, first of all, that she is a romantic. She wants to find Mr. Right and settle down. But, also, it tells us that she’s either flighty or gullible or really, really unlucky in love.

Here’s a bio video clip from Bravo that might help you make up your mind which:

I am going to go out on a limb and say that being gullible is not Tara’s problem. As a successful business executive and founder of a thriving Dallas charity, Tara just doesn’t seem like the gullible sort. Don’t let those long lashes and wide eyes fool you, this woman has her act together!

Like co-stars Matt Nordgren and Drew Ginsburg, Tara works in her family’s business. In Tara’s case, that means serving as the Executive Vice President for Sales for SPI,Inc. The company focuses on innovative product development, manufacturing, and marketing. According to its website, some of SPI’s most recent successes include: Nutriguide, the Chi Chi Rodriguez Energy Band, and a line of accessories for the ipod.

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Achieving financial independence as a business executive was not nearly the end of Tara’s ambitions. So, in 2005, she and partner Becky Haisma founded Paws in the City, a philanthropy committed to saving at risk dogs and cats in Dallas. When Harper and Haisma first started Paws in the City, their mission was to save some of the 30,000 animals euthanized each year by the City of Dallas animal shelter. But then Hurricane Katrina happened, and it changed everything.

Paws in the City committed itself to rescuing animals who were victims of the storm, evacuating New Orleans shelter animals and even nursing one special dog back to health after it drank gasoline contaminated water. Now, they’re back to focusing on Dallas’s four-footed citizens, but they always have their eye out for partner organizations that could use a hand.

Here’s a promotional video for Paws in the City’s annual fundraiser, Top Hat and Tails. At about the 55 second mark, you’ll get to see Tara talk a little bit about the event and the work that it supports.

So, what is a successful Dallas businesswoman and philanthropist doing on Bravo’s new reality show? Well, looking for love of course! Oh, and negotiating the high-powered world of being rich, single, and beautiful in Dallas. She’s not gullible, at least in business. She’s not flighty, at least if her commitment to animal welfare is any indication. So, does that mean that her four unsuccessful engagements are just the product of terrible luck? Maybe.

Bravo also tells us, though, that Tara has a long list of dating rules that sometimes get in her way. What are the rules, and what havoc have they reeked on her love life? Bravo’s holding out on us, there; so, I guess we’ll just have to wait until the August 15th premier to find out for ourselves.

Until then, let’s all take another looooong look at one of the finest fishes in the sea!

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The sexy Tara Harper from Bravo's Most Eligible Dallas

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