Are Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi still together?

ABC’s Bachelor Pad Season 2 is a fascination of the train wreck variety. The producers put in a solid mix of fame-crazy that can’t help but be captivating.

The driving force, of course, is the relationship between Vienna Girardi (who famously won Jake Pavelka’s season of The Bachelor, then had a blow-out break-up on television) and Kasey Kahl (who got a tattoo to convince Ali Fedotwosky that he would “guard and protect her heart,” but freaked her out so much that she left him on a glacier.) Kasey seems like a nice guy, but he’s waaaay too into this “guard and protect her heart” thing, and it looks like Vienna may be taking advantage of his willingness to please a ladyfriend. Vienna and Kasey appear to go through so much during the filming of Bachelor Pad, that it looks like they might not make it as a couple. Sooo, the question begs: Are Kasey and Vienna still together?

On the first episode of Bachelor Pad, we saw Kasey get berated by Vienna for letting her down (both figuratively and literally) because lost to Jake Pavelka in a competition of strength and endurance that involved holding their female partner 10 feet above a bed. She again and again made it clear that not winning the competition made her feel disappointed, fearful that their strategy wasn’t working, and that he wasn’t truly “guarding and protecting” her heart. This is textbook manipulation, and is painful to watch.

In the second episode Kasey and Vienna were still scheming together, but they weren’t the focus of the drama. Vienna did seem distressed when the producers seemed to have changed the rules to let Jake Pavelka stay at least one more week (Attention: ratings grab!) by having the contestants eliminate two girls instead of a girl, and a guy. Kasey told her they could pack their bags and leave right then, but they didn’t, because as Vienna has made it abundantly clear in previews, she’s in this for the $250,000 cash prize.

In fact, the previews show that Vienna and Kasey are in for quite a ride in the upcoming weeks, no doubt fighting again over Kasey “disappointing” her in some way. She’s also expressed in the interview room that she wants Kasey to know that he’s not in the game for himself, but for here, and that if it came between winning the money and losing Kasey, she would take the money hands down.

But, no matter what happened on the show, it looks like these two are still a couple! They attended the ABC Summer Press Tour August 8, 2011 (photo above), and told People that they’re going strong, and even moving in together.


“We are looking at apartments and will take the next step in our relationship.”

Kasey, of course, had more romantic things to say:

“She’s my girl! I love her. She’s my everything. She’s my future, she’s my forever, she’s my love.”

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