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Friends meets Real World meets The Real Housewives of . . . um . . . Dallas – but in a good way. That looks like what we might be getting when Bravo’s new show, Most Eligible Dallas premiers August 15.

First, take six beautiful, single friends (3 women and 3 men) ages 22-33, throw in some sexual tension, and add healthy portions of ambition and wealth. Set it up to simmer in Dallas, a city big enough and rich enough to offer our crowd plenty of opportunities for excitement, but not very often featured in pop culture (at least since the JR Ewing era). Is that the recipe for a hit? Maybe so. That’s what Bravo’s hoping, anyway.

Check out the preview for Season One set to premiere Monday, August 15 at 10/9c:

My guess is that this show got the greenlight prior to Bravo’s previous big city singles show Miami Social flopped and was intended to be the second in a new franchise of multi-gendered wealthy pretty single people shows with a similar city theme to their Real Housewives franchise (which usually tend to star all single people too once the divorces start rolling in.)

But, just because the concept flopped in South Beach doesn’t mean it won’t work elsewhere – after all, reality show like this are almost all about the charisma of the people involved. So, do these six Dallasonians have the charisma to keep viewers interested? Here is some background info on all six – mix that with the preview clip above and maybe you’ll be able to formulate a pretty good guess!

Glenn Pakulak Most Eligible Dallas, Oakland Raiders
GLENN PAKULAK, for example, is a punter for the NFL’s Oakland Raiders biding his time until the lock out is resolved. Besides doing some modeling and working on his own fashion line, Glenn stays busy playing the field. He has a “two-date maximum” rule to avoid any temptation to get into a serious relationship. Rules are made to be broken, though, and rumor has it that despite his tough exterior Glenn is actually a pretty sweet guy. Our prediction is that he won’t make it through the season without a third date with someone special. (You heard it here first, folks.)

Tara Harper, Most Eligible Dallas, Paws in the City, SPI, Bravo TV
TARA HARPER is an independent woman with a passion for animals that led her to found her own charity, Paws in the City. Like her cast mate Courtney (who you will meet in a minute), she is ready to settle down, but hasn’t yet found a man who satisfies all the items on her perfect-man punch list. She has made her way as an executive in her family’s business, SPI incorporated, so she’s looking for a man to love, not one to support her. As the most mature single in the group, we’ll see if she brings a touch of wisdom to the show or not. I’m thinking she might.

Neill Skylar, Most Eligible Dallas
NEILL SKYLAR is the new kid in the crowd, and not everyone is sure she belongs. Although she was born in Dallas, Neill has spent the past few years in LA and NYC trying to launch a career in acting and singing. So, she’s coming home, and she’s bringing her one year old son with her. Her castmate on Most Eligible Dallas, Matt Nordgren, has been very supportive of her since her return to Dallas, though, and has introduced her to the rest of the MED crowd. Will these two end up more than friends? They say “No,” but we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves.

Drew Ginsburg, Most Eligible Dallas, Bravo
DREW GINSBERG is the car-loving, gay, heir of an automobile dealership empire who recently lost 200 lbs. and isn’t quite sure yet what to do with his hot self. (With those creds, you’d think he could carry a reality show all by his lonesome.) He still working through feelings for his ex-boyfriend, but wants to turn the page and move on. Will Dallas be the right town for Drew’s new life? That’s what he’s going to have to figure out this season, and we’ll be right there with him.

Courtney Kerr, Most Eligible Dallas, Bravo TV
COURTNEY KERR and Neill Skylar might be on two corners of a love triangle with castmate, Matt Nordgreen, although all will likely deny it. Courtney and Matt are besties who claim not to have any romantic interest in each other, but according to Courtney none of Matt’s girlfriends are good enough for him. And, also according to Courtney, no one that she dates is good enough for her. Matt thinks her standards are too high, and advises her to loosen up if she’s serious about her ambitions to be a wife and a mother. We think Matt might be missing the forest for the trees, though. Do you think her “friendship” with Matt has anything to do with Courtney’s resistance to letting Neill into the tightknit group of friends? Nah.

Matt Nordgren, Most Eligible Dallas, Bravo TV, University of Texas quarterback
MATT NORDGREN was quarterback for the University of Texas. There’s just no better pick-up line in Dallas than that. Just sayin’. He’s Courtney Kerr’s best friend and Niell Skylar’s lifeline back into the Dallas scene. He’s also partner in his family’s energy business, Nordco Inc., founder of Nordco Consulting, and a philanthropist with his own charity, The Leadership Foundation. Which raises just a few questions for me: (1) what does an energy business do, (2) what is Matt qualified to consult on, (3) and weren’t there enough charities out there for him to choose from? I shouldn’t be too rough on Matt, though, I suppose. After all, according to him he’s “the whole package.” Oh yeah, he’s humble, too.

So, it looks like we’re in for some fun this August when the show airs. Every member of the cast has something going on that seems worth watching, and together on the streets of Dallas they must be a force to reckon with. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and these folks sure seem to be living large!

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