Are Matt Nordgren and Courtney Kerr of Most Eligible Dallas Engaged?

Are Most Eligible Dallas stars Matt Nordgren and Courtney Kerr dating?

Matt Nordgren and Courtney Kerr, of Bravo’s Most Eligible Dallas, are best friends forever. They have known each other for years, run in all the same social circles, and can’t stand anyone who the other one dates. Whoa, there. What was that last part? They can’t stand each other’s dates? ever? That doesn’t sound like a very fun friend to have around. Too much criticism. Too much stress. Unless . . . Maybe . . .

One of the first things Bravo wants you to know about two of its newest celebrities is that there may be more going on between the two of them than even they understand. There’s chemistry there, and friendship, and jealousy. Maybe, just maybe, there’s love.

Courtney Kerr, Matt Nordgren, Most Eligible Dallas

Now, there’s an eye witness reporting that Matt and Courtney are acting very lovey-dovey, very not-just-friends-ish on a press junket for the show. Delaina Dixon was minding her own business at the TV Summer Press Tour 2011, when Matt and Courtney’s public displays of affection caught her eye, and she had the sense to call them on it.

Here’s what Dixon had to say in her August 8th article for the Times Square Chronicles:

Show spoiler alert? During the luncheon for Most Eligible: Dallas, Bravo’s newest reality franchise about the young, single and fabulous in the Lone Star State, I meet Matt Nordgren and Courtney Kerr, who may be something more than just BFFs. Asked why they’re not together, Matt replies, “Who’s to say we aren’t.” So we press on… “We’re here in L.A. together,” Courtney teases when we inquire if they are indeed a couple. Matt tries to give a more diplomatic answer. “Put it this way, Courtney and I grew a lot throughout the show. Towards the end, by the time this thing was wrapped, we were in a different place than when we started.” Judging by Matt and Courtney’s flirty body language during our chat, putting a ring on it for the season finale may not be out of the question!

They’re “in a different place” than they started, huh? Well, they started as best friends. Now, they’re macking on each other in public. Just how many “different places” could that be? You call that diplomatic? Either Matt and Courtney are a couple, or they’re messing with us. I suppose we’re just going to have to wait to find out which it is.

UPDATE: It looks like Matt Nordgren has moved on to another reality lady: recent widow Taylor Armstrong from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Most Eligible Dallas premieres on Bravo Monday, August 15 at 10/9c.

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