PHOTOS The Situation scores a tre-some in Italy?

Jersey Shore's The Situation meets some ladies in Italy

There was much debate over whether or not Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s unique style and fashion sense would go over in the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, but judging from these photos of the Sitch returning to his apartment with two blond smitten kittens, the answer is “yes.”

Wearing a “Life isn’t grey…” t-shirt the Jerseylicious version of a young Hugh Hefner is seen putting himself at risk for DTF diabetes because of the excessive amount of arm candy that appears to be on the menu.

The Situation enjoys the view and the ladies in Florence, Italy

Is it just me or does this look exactly like an Axe Body Spray commercial?

Anyways, congrats to The Situation for doing what the Allied Forces of World War II couldn’t do: Successfully invade Italy without the use of grenades.

(Note to self: Invest in Italian cut off jeans shorts company.)

Photos: Mari&Luigi/