Are Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and DJ Pauly D of Jersey Shore dating?

Paul DelVecchio and Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham

UPDATE: Looks like this alleged love connection never happened, but it still could! Pauly D thinks Farrah is hot. You can still scroll down to the end of this post to see what would happened if Farrah and Pauly D mated.

Fox 411 has a source who saw Teen Mom‘s Farrah Abraham hangin’ out with DJ Pauly D at a Houston club! This doesn’t mean for sure that they’re dating, but it’s very odd that they’d be hangin’ out in Texas together if there wasn’t a little somethin’ goin’ on.

Pauly D’s a balla’ btw! Not only is he in negotiations for Season 2 of the world-changing show Jersey Shore, but the rumor is he can command between $10,000 and $24,000 a night for his spin.

Unlike the string of boys Farrah used to pal around with, Pauly D is definitely a man age-wise; the dude is almost 30! The jury’s still out if Pauly D possesses the maturity to date a MILF seriously, but maybe this is just what he needs to settle down and add some meaning to his life. They could even get their own spin-off! But enough MTV fanfic, let’s see how this relationship made in reality-tv actually plays out. And while we wait, let’s pay tribute to the late, great Conan O’Brien and put these two tanned hotties into the Offspringulator 3000 and find out what Pauly D and Farrah’s kid would look like IF THEY MATED!

What would happen if rumored couple Farrah Abraham and Pauly D mated?

OK. Those are two attractive young folks. Pauly’s got that Guido douchebag thing going on, but he’s played a large part in changing society’s distaste for that, so at this point it’s almost charming. I would think they would have a lovely son or daughter. I don’t see any reason…

Farrah Abraham and Pauly D "If they mated"

OH NO! WHY?!?! Woof! Bail out now you two! That ain’t right! Sorry folks.

What do you think? Would Pauly Delvecchio make a good daddy for Sophia? Is fist pumping, tattoos, orange skin and hot tub-proof hairdos a good life for her?