Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick is pregnant

Angelina Pivarnick is pregnant

I guess we all figured that with all that smushin’ there would eventually be some pushin’ and that’s exactly what two-time Jersey Shore cast-off Angelina Pivarnick will be doing at some point in the next nine months – because she’s pregnant!

TMZ broke the news earlier today and Angelina confirmed it with the site, but wouldn’t give any details other than the fact that the father is (surprise!) her fiance Dave Kovacs. You might remember the “shocking” proposal on the red carpet at the Sachika Fall Collection Fashion Show during NYC Fashion Week on February 16. (A number of critics believe the proposal was a publicity stunt arranged by both parties.)

Where’s Maury Povich because there really needs to be a paternity test here! If I had to take a guess I would say that the father is more than likely a very unsanitary hot tub in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

There is no word on the due date, the sex of the baby or the approximate amount of time it will take for Dave and his offspring to tire of Angelina and boot her out of the house.

All of that being said, congratulations Angelina! (We’re just joshing with all the snarkiness. You know we have to give you a hard time, right?)

Photo: Angelina Pivarnick appears shocked after her boyfriend Dave Kovacs proposes to her durng an event at New York Fashion Week. (