PHOTOS President Obama is just like us, he eats Mexican take out


How many times in your life will you see President Barrack Obama casually stopping in at a local Mexican food joint to grab a bite to eat? Yesterday, that’s just what happened after an immigration speech given in Nashville.

Just before President Obama was to board Air Force One, his pimped out presidential car pulled up outside Nashville restaurant La Hacienda. Much to the surprise of the employees and patrons, the leader of the free world stopped in for a meal!

Obama 4

So what kind of Mexican food does the President like?

He ordered beef tacos, flautas, guacamole, and chips. Obama then told the employees, “We are gonna have to take this to go.” He declined the side of rice and beans because, according to reports, they would be “too messy” for the trip back.

Obamas Food

Once the President placed the order, he paid for the food himself– with cash! Come on La Hacienda, can’t you give the President a free meal?

Maybe they’re republicans…

You can check out the local news coverage of President Obama’s La Hacienda detour: