PHOTOS Little People, Big World’s Jeremy Roloff and fiancée Audrey Botti share engagement story

Jeremy Roloff - Audrey Botti Engagement

As Little People, Big World‘s Jeremy Roloff and fiancée Audrey Botti’s engagement winds down, the TLC stars recently looked back on the day 23-year-old Jeremy popped the question to his longtime love.

In a new blog post titled “The Story of How I Got Engaged,” Audrey explained she spent the better part of late 2013 and early 2014 wishing for Jeremy to propose.

“On this particular weekend that he came home to visit me, I just didn’t think that he could pull it off. It didn’t sound like he was going to at all,” said Audrey, who was back in her hometown for a weekend away from college.

In a separate post for TLC, Jeremy admitted that decisions are hard for him — especially decisions as big as asking someone to be his wife.

“But I remembered a phrase the Holy Spirit gave me a few years ago. ‘God doesn’t want to make decisions for you, He just wants to show up and affirm it, or give you a new map.’ Basically, assuming I am kingdom seeking I shouldn’t wait for complete safety in my decision,” Jeremy said of why he decided to propose despite still living in a different state than Audrey. (He was studying in California while she was at college in Oregon; both have since graduated.)

Jeremy Roloff - Audrey Botti Dating - College

Jeremy then created a vintage-inspired engagement ring with the help of a designer and plotted to propose at a spot that was meaningful throughout the course of their relationship.

“It would be the place we met every time I would come home, the place I asked Audrey to be my girlfriend, the place we found ourselves stargazing waiting for the train to come, the place I threw our shoes up on a wire on our first date, boldly claiming, ‘We’ll see what happens with us,'” Jeremy explained. “And now the place I would ask Audrey to marry me. The train trestle — it’s ‘our spot.'”

In her reflection post, Audrey said she didn’t think twice when Jeremy suggested they take a trip to the trestle to write romantic notes about how they envisioned their future on a typewriter.

“We wanted to make a list of ways to love each other once we are married. It would act as a code, or contract, of sorts that we could frame and hang up in our future home to remind us of the way we want to live and love,” she said. “We sat and talked about what we wanted our list to contain, and then took turns typing it out on the typewriter.”

Jeremy Roloff Proposal Picture

After working on the list for a while, Jeremy stole the typewriter back and instructed Audrey to look away for a second.

“He slowly turned the typewriter and as I began reading it my heart sunk and sky rocketed at the same time. I read these words, ‘speaking of marriage, Audrey Mirabella Botti will you marry me?'”

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Jeremy added of his perspective in the TLC post, “Next thing I knew the ring was in my hand, words came out of my mouth and she was screaming ‘YES’ while hugging me! It was an amazing feeling… She was beautiful, the time was right because we chose that it was, and she agreed to embark with me on this #journeyofjerandauj.”

The couple plans to wed at Jeremy’s parents’ farm on Sept. 20. The wedding will be featured in the season finale of Little People, Big World.

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