PHOTOS Is Kylie Jenner having a girl? Pink pics push pregnancy possibility

Is Kylie Jenner having a girl

She’s certainly teasing her fans with a lot of pink-themed updates–but is Kylie Jenner having a girl? The latest updates suggest that the 20-year-old is trolling her fans as masterfully as ever, and keeping all details of her pregnancy a secret for as long as she can.

It was only a week ago that Kylie offered what fans claimed was the first real hint about her baby’s gender, taking to Instagram to share a seemingly innocent shot of pink butterflies. “Shoot day,” she captioned the pic, leading fans to believe that she was prepping a gender reveal shoot and that actual, real information about her baby was forthcoming:

? shoot day

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Of course, it wasn’t. And, since it is possible that Kylie Jenner’s whole pregnancy is nothing more than a marketing tease in support of her already wildly successful makeup company, Kylie recently stirred up even more speculation by sharing several new, pink-themed images on Snapchat. The first was of a 50s-style, pink-themed holiday photo shoot, and specifically linked to Kylie Cosmetics:

Is Kylie Jenner having a girl 4

And the next two were of Kylie’s fingernails, both done up in different shades of pink:

Is Kylie Jenner having a girl 3

Is Kylie Jenner having a girl 2

The topper was the fourth pic, which Kylie captioned “I’m still trying to grow my hair back from this…but I miss it.” She added a pink bow. However, Kylie hasn’t had pink hair for months. Her hair is also much shorter in recent shots–so it’s possible she meant to say “I’m still trying to grow my hair back to this,” and not “from.” Either way, pink hair + pink bow in caption = Kylie must be having a girl:

Is Kylie Jenner having a girl 1

In related news, Kylie is reportedly “an emotional wreck” and “doesn’t know who to trust” because of the pressure of having to keep her pregnancy a complete secret until Kris Jenner finishes planning whatever big reveal she has in store. And she’s already blown up on Twitter at possibly Photoshopped pictures of her baby bump. So we might be getting a full-on Kylie meltdown at any moment, complete with a gender reveal and a loud and proud declaration that she’s finally quitting Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the way she used to when she was younger and had less leverage within the family. Simpler times.

(Photo credits: Is Kylie Jenner having a girl via Instagram, Snapchat)

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