PHOTOS Figure skater Tai Babilonia skates and sorta strips for PETA

Tai Babilonia Olympic figure skater

Former Olympic figure skater Tai Babilonia did her best to melt the ice at Rockefeller Center by emulating nekkidness in a nude suit and toting an anti-fur PETA sign as she gracefully glided around the rink, and in an attempt to warm folks up to her anti-animal cruelty way of thinking, Tai issued this statement in a press release:

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean we should be cold inside. There are many more warm things to wear nowadays than fur.

Tai Babilonia skates nude for PETA

Tai Babilonia? I have to confess that I usually get suckered into watching a smidgen of figure skating every four years or so, and I think I would remember a great name like Tai Babilonia! Maybe I missed an Olympics or two.

OK, before I get into trouble here let me say that Tai appears to be an attractive woman in other photos I saw online while researching this post. That being said, Tai might should look into toting a PEPP sign. (People for the Ethical Photography of People):

Tai Babilonia in an extremely unflattering photo

Ummmmm… Ouch!

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