PHOTO Courtney Stodden before and after breast implants

Courtney Stodden from C to DD

Infamous teen bride Coutney Stodden has often bragged about being cosmetic surgery free to the disbelief of many. Girl went as far as to have an ultrasound on TV to prove that she did not have breast implants. I guess it’s a good thing she cleared the air on that misconception so she could go on ahead and get surgically enlarged bewbs anyways!

The work, which has taken Stodden from a cup size of C (she claims) to DD, was performed over the weekend by Dr. Stuart Linder. Her AARP husband Doug Hutchison was on hand before and after the procedure and she’s said to have recovered nicely at her home in Los Angeles.

Courtney’s mom told Radar:

“Courtney always wears the Victoria’s Secret push up bras that make her look like she has really big breasts. She loves the way she looks when she wears them but she is only a C cup so she decided she wanted to have real breast that are that big so they look like that naturally without the bra. So she got DDs! Her new breasts beautiful, fabulous and wonderful. She looks fantastic. Courtney has always been honest with the public and her fans she wanted to make sure she keeps that up by telling them that she did it and why.”

She insists that the decision was all hers and that Doug was initially against it. Yesterday she tweeted, “Heading to Dr Linder’s office for a follow-up & feeling good. Woot!”

Courtney said of her new “features,” “I just love the way my shape looks. It adds more curves and it just makes me feel more sexy and more like a woman.”

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