PHOTOS Chrissy Teigen models bikinis from her Beach Bunny Bridal Swimwear line

Chrissy Teigen bridal bikini All Eyes On Me

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen is getting ready for her wedding to longtime fiance John Legend this fall, and preparing for her big day over the past year has inspired the 27-year-old beauty to launch her own bridal inspired fashion line — of swimsuits! That’s right, Chrissy has paired up with Beach Bunny Swimwear and helped design their brand new line of Bridal Swimwear, because nothing says “I do” like a damn sexy bikini 🙂

Chrissy Teigen Beach Bunny Swimwear Bridal advertisement

The line has just launched on the Beach Bunny website, with prices ranging from $179 for the collection’s only one-piece suit to $308 for the elaborately fringed “Runaway Bride” bikini top and bottoms, but the suits won’t ship until September 1.

Chrissy talked with People about the concept of her bridal swimwear at the launch of the line during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami Beach. “I want to wear a bathing suit for my husband that makes me feel sexy,” she says after revealing sh and soon-to-be husband John Legend will be returning to the Maldives (where he proposed) for their honeymoon. “I know other women feel the same way, so I was inspired to design a line.”

Could it be that Chrissy was inspired by her Vera Wang wedding gown? She described the dress she will be wearing in a separate People article, saying the dress does “kind of have a sexier feel at the top, like a swimsuit.”

Although Chrissy can be seen wearing a wedding veil in the promotional ad above, apparently those don’t come with the suits. So what makes makes a bridal swimsuit different? “A bridal swimsuit is a very special and sexy look designed to make your man’s heart skip a beat,” says Teigen, who models all of the looks for the Beach Bunny Swimwear site. (All of the various suits with Chrissy Teigen in them are featured in this post.)

Chrissy Teigen Beach Bunny Swimwear bridal bikini Runaway Bride

Chrissy sounds pretty excited about her 11-day honeymoon, and she can’t wait to do some in-person modeling of the bridal line for her newlywed hubby. “John is a romantic, and I can’t wait to see his reaction to the swimwear!”

In the People article it mentions that some of the swimsuits have the word “bride” printed on the backside, but I’ve looked at Chrissy’s backside very closely in all of these photos and I can’t find the word “bride” anywhere. Wait, lemme look again…

Chrissy Teigen booty bikini


Chrissy said at the time that including “bride” printed on the booty was a way to make the swimwear line playful and fun (perfect for a honeymoon, no?) and although the suits modeled by Chrissy don’t have the badonkadonk typography, Beach Bunny Swimwear and Chrissy kept the line playful with some very funny, bridal-themed names for the suits including “Put A Ring On It” and “Take The Plunge.”

Actually, I think it would be a fun game to see if you can match up the swimsuits with the Beach Bunny Bridal names for them! Here they all are numbered 1-6 followed by the names of the suits in random order from A-F. One of the names is pretty much a giveaway, and might help you identify one other suit, which in turn might help with the next one. It’s kind of like Sudoku without any of the math!

Chrissy Teigen bridal swimwear line all

A. Put A Ring On It
B. Take The Plunge
C. All Eyes On Me
D. Runaway Bride
E. Take The Plunge One-Piece
F. No Other Love

(Answers at the bottom of this post)

Beach Bunny Swimwear Chrissy Teigen bridal bikini Take The Plunge

If you’re an internet bikini photo enthusiast and you’re thinking you’ve read (or perhaps more accurately, seen) something about Beach Bunny Bridal Swimwear before,that’s probably because there have been lots of photos circulating of fellow supermodel Kate Upton sporting some different suits from the bridal collection — some of which do have the word “bride” on the bridonkadonk, though not this one that inspired the words “I DDo” in my brain:

Kate Upton Beach Bunny Swimwear Bridal bikini ad

But this heeyuh is a Chrissy post y’all! And here are the rest of the photos of Chrissy Teigen modeling her Beach Bunny Bridal Swimwear line courtesy of Beach Bunny Bridal. Be sure to hop over to their site and get your order in now! Your husband will spank thank you later 😉

Chrissy Teigen Beach Bunny Bridal Swimwear one-piece swimsuit

Beach Bunny Swimwear Chrissy Teigen bridal bikini Put A Ring On It back  Beach Bunny Swimwear Chrissy Teigen bridal bikini Put A Ring On It  Beach Bunny Swimwear Chrissy Teigen bridal swimsuit The Plunge one-piece back

Beach Bunny Swimwear Chrissy Teigen bridal swimsuit The Plunge one-piece back  Beach Bunny Swimwear Chrissy Teigen bridal swimwear No Other Love back view  Beach Bunny Swimwear Chrissy Teigen bridal bikini Take The Plunge back view

Answers to the Chrissy Teigen “Match the Suit Name” quiz:

1. F (No Other Love)
2. D (Runaway Bride)
3. A (Put A Ring On It)
4. B (Take the Plunge)
5. E (Take the Plunge One-Piece)
6. C (All Eyes On Me)

Photos: Beach Bunny Swimwear