Nick Lachey could become a billionaire weed baron


Don’t hate the former boy band playa, hate the 98° game!

Jessica Simpson’s ex-husband, and former 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey, has been pushing hard for fans to vote yes on ballot issue 3 today in Ohio. The item calls for the legalization of marijuana in the populous state.

It turns out that Lachey has some serious scratch in the game as explained in a piece from Complex via The Washington Post. Nick owns a 29-acre weed farm outside of Akron. It’s one of ten farms that would, if the law gets passed, be designated to be the only producers from which state dispensaries could buy their product from.

Reportedly, each owner put up $4 million to underwrite the ballot campaign and another $10 million to purchase the land and get their ganja growing operations up and running.

If the law passes it’s been estimated that the 10 farms would be selling pot to the tune of $1.1 billion (with a B) a year within four years.

Forget Chicken of the Sea, the sticky-icky of the land could be Nick’s ticket to fortunes untold!

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