PHOTOS Britney vs. Alba: A random white bikini battle!

When Summer is winding down this here profeshinial blogger needs him a reason to post up pics of celebrities in bikinis. Thankfully Britney Spears and Jessica Alba came to my rescue with some random white bikini postin’ goodness!

Let’s break down the tale of the tata-tape for this bikini battle. First up is the lady who just got a tweet-out from another planet – Brit-Brit!

Britney Spears Facebook bikini photo:

Spears captioned that gem with:

“Y’all ready for summer to end? I’m definitely not!”

Jessica Alba in a pool in a pool:

Photo of Jessica Alba in a white bikini

This pool double-up was posted by Jessica’s husband, Cash Warren, on Twitter. He wrote:

“In a pool in a pool…genius.”

This is a tough call so I’m gonna take the wimpy way out and call it a tie. Britney looks great and she did use “y’all” in her caption. Alba’s does feature the pool in pool effect and shows us what a momma relaxin should look like. In the end I say we all win!

Speaking of hot mommas, how about both of these Hollywood moms representin’!