Bad Girls Club’s Linsey Berardi dies at age 22

Linsey Jade Berardi from Bad Girls Club 12 dies at the age of 22

The Oxygen network has confirmed the shocking news that former Bad Girls Club star Linsey “Jade” Berardi has died at the age of 22. “We are deeply saddened by the loss of Linsey ‘Jade’ Berardi, who appeared in Bad Girls Club Season 12,” the statement from Oxygen reads. “Our deepest sympathy and heartfelt thoughts go out to her family, friends and fans.”

The rumors first began to circulate that Linsey had passed on April 2, leading some to hope it was just a terrible April Fool’s Day prank, but soon there was confirmation from Linsey’s friends and cast mates.

The obvious questions a number of fans are asking is how Linsey Berardi died, especially given that she was so young. The Bad Girls Club Tea Instagram account revealed the reason for her death after being informed by Linsey’s friends, but they later deleted that information after Linsey’s family requested that it be removed. The group’s Facebook page responded to a commenter that claimed they started the rumor that Linsey had overdosed by writing:

No we didn’t start the rumor. Andrea BGC9 actually posted it on her comments and later deleted it. And since we have such a large following on instagram personal friends of linsey came to us with photos of text messages explaning what happened to her. But we later deleted the caption out of respect to the family since they didn’t want it out there.

Linsey’s reported boyfriend Rich posted a series of photos of himself and Linsey together on Instagram and expressed his grief about her passing. When someone commented that she had died of an overdose, he wrote, “She didn’t overdose.. Idk who said that but it’s not true.” When pressed about it, Rich added, “She had health issues.. Her family should be the ones to give out that information if they decide to do so.”

BGC 12 Linsey Jade Berardi

Rich’s statements seem supported by Linsey as early last month she posted on her Facebook page that she was “going away due to health problems” and that she would be away “for some time:”

Hey guys . Just letting anyone know I’m going away due to health problems tomorrow morning for some time so if I’m not responding to texts, I’m not ignoring u, I’ll see them when I get home!

Eight days later Linsey was posting again on Facebook, including posts about Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison, as well as inspirational messages from Brendon Burchard. A friend asked if she was back, and Linsey wrote “Yes.” When asked how she was doing, Linsey stated, “I’m hanging In there still in pain.”

On March 12 Linsey posted, “im bored and sick. listening to pucsifer. hi.” In the comments section she explained, “I just got out of the hospital,” before adding, “not talking about it” and “it was a nightmare.”

Linsey’s funeral was reportedly held on Thursday with a memorial service set for Sunday.

Here is a Linsey Berardi tribute video posted recently to YouTube with some of her scenes from BCG 12, including her infamous promo spot in which she mistakenly thought Chicago was in Boston:

And we’ll wrap this post up with messages about Linsey’s passing from friends and Bad Girls Club cast members:

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