PHOTOS Big Brother’s Rachel Reilly was a ‘Las Vegas Go Girl’

Big Brother 12's Rachel Reilly as a Las Vegas Go Girl

Big Brother 12‘s Rachel Reilly is only 26 years old, but she already has a resume longer than a Tolstoy novel! Over the last few weeks I’ve become one of the world’s top Rachel Reillyologists and this week I present Volume Twelve of the Rachel Reillypedia featuring her time as one of the Las Vegas Go-Girls!

So who are the Las Vegas Go Girls? Here’s a description from their Facebook group:

The Go Girls are a team of smart, attractive, multi-talented young women, carefully chosen for their quality, class and professionalism. They are available for club appearances, parties, conventions, trade shows, events, functions, guided tours, media work and more. (For more details, go to our Services/Bookings section. NOTE: The Go Girls are legitimate professionals and do not participate in any illegal or “adult” activities.)

Brought together in late 2007 after a year-long search-and-audition process, Shannon, Rachel, Melissa, Jackee, Kathryn, Caroline, Jen, Olesea, Alina, Carrie and Sara are not your average Vegas girls. In fact, they boast extensive skills sets. As well as experience in high-profile modeling, television, radio, dance, film, theater and promotions, they have many other abilities that would take most people by surprise. (We have a highly skilled circus performer who can also sing opera!) Most of the Go Girls have at least one college degree and, between them, can speak six languages.

(Photo: Rachel Reilly LVGG studio shot from MySpace)

The Go Girls are stylish and sexy. They have intelligence, personality, a unique presence, and the ability to add flair and visibility to any club or party, draw serious attention to a product or service, make a tour of Las Vegas more fun and informative, or host a function with a blend of fun and sophistication.

And, as real girls on the go, they know Las Vegas inside out — whether by day or night. Hence our slogan: Las Vegas Never Stops & Neither Do We!

The Las Vegas Go Girls epitomize everything fine and fun about their city.

So it sounds like they were a group of attractive, intelligent young ladies you could hire to party with you and show you around the City of Lights – an industry a lot of us became familiar with after the Tiger Woods scandal.

I talked to a couple former members of the now-defunct group of sophisticated hotties and was told, “Las Vegas Go Girls was more of a concept…which didn’t happen.” There is mention on their MySpace Blog of a few charity events and there are photos of the girls “working,” but it seems The La Vegas Go Girls never really got off the ground. Here are a couple photos of the girls, including the vivacious Rachel, who we’ve all come to know and love (or hate):

Rachel Reilly from Big Brother 12 table dancing

Rachel Reilly and the Las Vegas Go Girls going Coyote Ugly on a bar

I found a cache of their website ( and here’s Rachel’s profile (Check out the part in red – can you say “Brendon showmance?”):

Rachel: Southern Sunshine
Born: Concord, NC
Star sign: Libra
Talents: Dancing, public speaking, bi-lingual (English and Spanish), acting
Interests: Beauty pageants, spending time with friends, doing research work, working out, Las Vegas Go Girls activities
Favorite food: Pizza and dark chocolate. I also LOVE Sushi and sweet peas and nuts. And I LOVE pecan pie, and sweet potato pie, and herb salad. Well, I just love food!!!!
About me: I believe if you do something you might as well do it with a smile on your face.
My motto: The best things in life are friends; Success is the prize for those who stay true to their ideas, and that comes with hard work and perseverance.
My little secret: I love dorky men. The more intelligent the better. Especially science, math or finance guys!
Why I love being a Go Girl: Las Vegas is the most FABULOUS and EXCITING city in the world. Being a Las Vegas Go Girl gives me the chance to experience the best things about the city with all my best friends!! And it takes me places I couldn’t have gone otherwise. This has to be the BEST job ever!

Rachel Reilly from Big Brother 12 doing some dirty dancing

Here is what appears to be the press release announcing the Las Vegas Go Girls to the world:


LAS VEGAS — February 2008 will see the rollout of the Las Vegas Go Girls, a team of vibrant young women who combine flair, style and sexiness to offer a range of GG-rated services to a variety of clients. Throughout the month, the Go Girls will be making several guest appearances around the city.

“The goal was to create something that Las Vegas didn’t have: a team of smart, attractive young women who can handle virtually any kind of appearance assignment with aplomb,” says LVGG founder and president Adrian Zupp. “The Go Girls aren’t just clothes hangers or convention booth models. They bring real flair to any job they do. They’re definitely active, not passive.”

Recruiting the 11 team members was a year-long process.

“The search criteria were intelligence, personality, character, talent and looks,” says Zupp. “Every applicant was rigorously interviewed, auditioned and screen tested.”

Between them, the Go Girls boast experience in television, radio, film, theater, all forms of modeling, event hosting, tour organization, singing (including opera), dance, sports, aerial performing, public speaking and more. They have college degrees covering a spectrum of disciplines and, between them, are fluent in six languages (and counting).

The Las Vegas Go Girls! with Big Brother 12's Rachel Reilly

Currently available for bookings — as a full or partial team — some of the services the Las Vegas Go Girls provide are:

* Customized tours of Las Vegas and environs by day or night
* Club and party appearances
* Nightlife VIP packages
* Event hosting
* Promotions
* On-camera talent
* Convention and tradeshow packages

The LVGG slogan is Las Vegas Never Stops & Neither Do We! In their strikingly branded white tank tops, the Go Girls grab attention as they wiz around Vegas.

Adds Zupp: “The Go Girls are sexy while redefining ‘class’ without sacrificing their naturalness. There’s nobody out there like them.”

Photos, video clips and more information are available at

Adrian Zupp
Founder & President
702-***-**** (Ed. Didn’t want Adrian getting a bunch of phone calls)

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