Who is Big Brother 12’s Britney Haynes engaged to?

Britney Haynes and her fiance Nick Grisham

The southern beauty queen from Arkansas, Britney Haynes, is quickly becoming one of the most popular house guests on Season 12 of Big Brother.  She has a deadly combination of looks and biting humor that in my opinion is going to lead her on to other television opportunities whether she is victorious or not. Aside from an overplayed first name, everything about her screams star potential, but not a typical “charismatic idiot” reality show kind of way! (OK, I’ll quit rambling on about the greatness of Britney now…)

For each live eviction Britney makes sure to flash her engagement bling as a sign of love to her fiancé.  So who is the lucky guy that gets to do what Lane and Meow Meow can only dream of?  Let’s find out about the man who is the envy of pretty much every red-blooded male Big Brother fan right now!

Britney Haynes and fiance Nick Grisham    Britney Haynes and the man she is engaged to Nick Grisham

His name is Nick Grisham and he’s a Medical Technologist that hails from Little Rock, Arkansas.  Unfortunately the only images I could find of Nick are the two thumbnail-sized pics with Britney you see above. (As you may have notice I have since updated the post with some better photos of Britney and Nick!) But, what I lack in visual imagery I can more than make up for in audio soundery! (Huh?) Check out this insightful, entertaining and sometimes hard-to-listen-to radio interview Nick did with Erika and Lorraine of BBAD Radio. (Big Brother After Dark)

Nick comes in at the 14:15 mark and hangs out for pretty much the rest of the episode.  Along with Nick is the gay cowboy turned gay porn star Steven Daigle from Big Brother 10.  This is not radio at its finest, but hey, they did land the future Mr. Haynes so there you go!

Britney Haynes and Nick Grisham who she is engaged to

Britney Haynes fiancé Nick Grisham on Big Brother After Dark Radio with Erika and Lorraine from Blog Talk Radio:

And now for some of the highlights from that chair-squirming sort-of-call-in sort-of-awkward-silence radio interview.  If you were unable or unwilling to listen, you get a real sense that Nick is a southern gentleman who’s caught up in the storm that accompanies fame even if it’s just the fame that goes along with being the fiancé of a reality show contestant.  Ol’ Nick is very candid and it’s obvious that nearly everything about the show and Britney’s involvement is driving him crazy!

BBAD Radio: Did you happen to hear that a lot of people think that you’re Lane?

Nick: I’ve heard that crap.  It’s very far from the truth.  I’m not a big fan of Lane if you can imagine. 

From that moment, and for the rest of the call-in, you realize that when someone like Britney gets on a  reality TV show it affects her friends and family back home almost as much as her.  One of the gigglers (that’s what I’m going to call Erica and Lorraine because that’s what they do a great deal of) follows up on his statement.

BBAD Radio: Why is that?

Nick thinks about it for a second then gives his honest answer. 

Nick: I’m not a big fan of his constant flirting but being her fiancé I have a right to feel that way.

Britney and Lane and their “brotherly” love:

Yes Nick you do, and I am really feeling for the Arkansas Tech graduate as he endures what has to be a pretty painful chapter in his life.  The radio show just gets worse for Nick as he discovers that his mother is on the message board that Lorraine and Erica are reviewing, he receives a drunken prank call from a not so nice John from the “Booze Cruise” and then is introduced to Season 10’s gay cowboy turned gay porn star Steven Daigle!

BBAD Radio: You’ve never watched Big Brother before?

Nick: Never been a fan.  I’m not a reality TV type of guy but I’m kind of suckered into this year thanks to Britney.

BBAD Radio: How do you think Britney is doing?

Nick: I’m worried that all these comments she’s made behind people’s back are going to come back and haunt her.

At this point Nick acknowledges the fact that Britney goes out of her way to show her engagement bling during the live eviction as a sign of affection for him.  Abruptly his call drops and Erika and Lorraine find themselves lost hoping to get him back which they do.  When he calls back he flashes some of the quick wit we’re used to hearing from Brit.

Nick: Remember guys, I’m from Arkansas we barely have a signal here.

After a little back and forth Nick makes another comment that paints a clear picture of his impatience with the whole process.

Nick: I don’t like sharing her (Britney) with all of America.  I’m not gonna lie, I want her for myself.

More telling signs that the Big Brother experience is a strain on Nick and his relationship with Britney follows when he states that when she first auditioned she was his girlfriend and that when it started to become evident that she would be cast he proposed.  It is understandable for a guy in Nick’s position to feel a sense of urgency faced with that situation.  Meanwhile his own mom is in a chat room that the show hosts are checking on and mom suggests that they ask Nick how the two met.

Nick: I kind of gave her this cheesy pick up line and it worked and we kind of blossomed from there.

BBAD Radio: Come on Nick, what was that cheesy pick-up line?

Nick: I tracked her down and I said, Oh there you are.  I had to track you down.  My name is Lewis and this is my friend Clark.

Big Brother's Britney Haynes in a bikini

 Following up on the heels of his momma embarrassing him, Erica and Lorraine (sans a call screener) invite a caller by the name of 8-beer John (or that’s what I’m calling him) to ask some questions.

8-Beer John Do you think that Lane wears them mankinis for Britney to see?

Awkward silence follows until John summons up some more sixer courage.

8-Beer John: What about a hand print on his ass?  Do you think he has that?  How many times do you think Lane has broke his back on booze cruise.

Even more awkward silence follows until Nick responds incredulously.

Nick: Do I have to answer this?

8-Beer John gets dismissed after everyone involved decides they have no idea what booze cruise means.  He is replaced by a very flamboyant gay man named Colton who is a self described big Britney fan.  Colton rambles on for a while about how much he loves Brit and hates Rachel and this seems to ease poor Nick a little.  Following Colton is the other big guest for the evening, Steven Daigle, the former Season 10 gay cowboy turned gay porn star and in a stunning turn Nick is asked and agrees to hang out on air with Danglin’ Daigle and the BBAD girls.

Big Brother 10’s gay cowboy / porn star Steven Daigle

Daigle catches up with the girls and then after a while reveals to Nick that he has become a gay porn star.  Nick’s response to this kind of sums up the whole uncomfortable mess.

Nick: I really hope Britney doesn’t get into porn after this.

Well Nick I am certain you don’t have to worry about that but for your sake I hope Britney handles fame well and remembers, as they say in the south, where her biscuits are buttered.

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