Big Brother’s Brendon Skypes his privates, loses Rachel’s love

Brendon and Rachel

What could arguably be the most irritating reality couple this side of Speidi, Big Brother 12’s Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly are now on the outs following the outing of Brendon’s peen via a Skype hook-up with some random chick.

The two took over-the-top-teen-angst-like-showmance to the next level during last season’s run of Big Brother.  The couple became the focus and target as well as the main plot line for the season.  They expressed a sometimes shockingly immature love for each other while acting out horribly against anyone they felt was trying to end their undying love.

The quote that may stick out forever from BB 12 is Rachel repeatedly telling just about everyone in the house that, “You’re Not Taking My Man.”  What was always so exasperating about the whole thing is that no one else seemed particularly interested in taking Brendon, they just wanted his whiny butt out of the house.

This middle school crush level of hug-your-pillow at night love had actually lasted longer than anyone imagined until recently some gal claimed to have images of Brendon’s manhood that he revealed during a naughty session on the video conferencing application Skype.  Rumors swirled around the interwebs as to whether or not the images in question were indeed his after the girl went ahead and let em loose.  Well according to the following video plea that could very well be the most wussified in YouTube history Brendon himself confirms that the member in question is his member.

I’ve heard the phrase, “If it’s too good to be true it probably isn’t” but in this case I think the more appropriate phrase would be, “If it’s too pathetic to be true it probably isn’t.”  Now I admit, This certainly does reflect some of the same loose marble mentality that Brendon repeatedly displayed during BB but something about that clip just screams out, “Please still make Rachel and I relevant.”  I don’t know, maybe Brendon was jealous of the vast amount of attention that Rachel’s jugs got and decided to fight back with his friend down below?

As for the squealing Vegas gal, well she made some communications with the Skype vixen apparently looking for an explanation via her Twitter page.  Here is the communication that was on Rachels’ account but has since been removed:

Oh man this is like some sort of d-list horse pill I’m trying to swallow here!  Once again the two college grads are coming off to me as Speidi clones, just looking to try to re-enter the public reality consciousness.

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