PHOTOS Amanda Bynes looks gorgeous in new Twitter pictures

Amanda Bynes Now - FIDM

Wow! We’ve commented a few times during the past months that Amanda Bynes looks so much better than last year, but nothing proves that point like these new pictures she shared!

Amanda Bynes - Lynn Bynes

Amanda was attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) Debut Show with her mom, Lynn Bynes, and dad, Rick Bynes. She looked extremely stylish with high-waisted slacks, a v-cut tank top and long locks.

Amanda Bynes Now
^ Amanda captioned this picture “One of my favorite people! Mike!”

In addition to pictures with her parents and the mystery man, Amanda shared a shot of the runway.

Multiple sources from FIDM have said Amanda is an ideal student who shows a great deal of talent — as we saw in sketches she shared earlier this month.

Amanda’s clearly also rebuilt her relationship with her parents. The trio was photographed the day after the FIDM Debut outside a movie theater, where they reportedly watched The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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