Doctors likely to request LPS Hold on Amanda Bynes


According to TMZ, doctors for Amanda Bynes will be looking to have the troubled actress placed under involuntary confinement which could last an entire year.

The plan will be to have Bynes, who currently is under an extended psychiatric hold after her latest round of bizarre behavior, placed on an LPS Hold. If granted by a judge, this would allow doctors to hold Bynes at a secure facility and administer meds to her against her will.

Via the Los Angeles County Department of Health:

A permanent LPS conservatorship lasts for a year, or until a treating doctor or the court determines that the conservatee no longer meets the legal criteria for conservatorship.  A petition for renewal of conservatorship at the end of one year can be done if the conservatee meets the legal criteria for conservatorship and no viable alternatives exist.

This permanent conservatorship would be far more stringent than what Amanda’s parents could get. Bynes’ parents would not be able to force meds on her nor could they effectively restrain her. TMZ‘s sources indicate that Amanda is furious with her mom and dad after having been tricked into visiting the mental hospital.

This anticipated request should come within a week – giving the doctors an opportunity to fully diagnose Bynes.

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