PHOTOS Actually, Fetty Wap has two baby mamas at the moment

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We already knew that Fetty Wap’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood co-star Alexis Skyy was doing double duty as his latest baby mama. As it turns out, though, the baby daddy had been pulling some double duty of his own, since it turns out that Fetty Wap has two baby mamas with buns in the oven right now.

Fetty himself was responsible for spilling his own tea. He confirmed the news (or let it slip, depending on how you look at things) in a live interview with Streetz 94.5 Atlanta just last week. Here’s the clip:

As stated above, we already knew that Alexis Skyy is carrying Fetty’s baby. She’s believed to be approximately three months along–she announced the pregnancy at the LHHH Season 4 reunion taping, which took place two months ago, and was most likely either one or two months along at the time–and has not been shy about keeping social media abreast of her own pregnancy developments since. Most recently, Alexis shared an entire gender reveal photoshoot on Instagram, which you can check out here.

But if Fetty Wap has two baby mamas, who is the other woman? According to the latest from Bossip, she’s currently believed to be Lezhae Zeona, with whom Fetty already shares his daughter Zaviera. The two have had at least two huge fallings out and reconciliations over the past few years, and as recently as this September were rumored to be dating again. Proving that rumor true could mean the answer to the second woman’s identity (though we’ll almost certainly find out who she is before LHHH Season 5 drops next year, and possibly even see her on the show).

Here’s Lezhae and Zaviera together:

And here are a few recent shots of Lezhae. If she is pregnant, it’s still too early to tell from her appearance:

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While Fetty Wap has two baby mamas with babies on the way, his best-known (and highest-profile) third baby mama is having a good laugh over the whole situation. Masika Kalysha’s dislike for the situation with Alexis has been well documented, and she didn’t hold back when it came to a little #pettywap action at Alexis’ expense. Baller Alert caught her in the comments:

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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5 is expected to begin filming this winter.

(Photo credits: Fetty Wap has two baby mamas via Instagram)

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