PHOTOS 16 & Pregnant’s Nikkole Paulun says she’s pregnant again, one year after she was accused of faking stillbirth

Nikkole Paulun - 16 and Pregnant - Now

Nikkole Paulun, who appeared on the second season of 16 and Pregnant before being accused of faking a pregnancy last year, says she’s expecting again.

“So it’s official,” she said on Instagram in the caption of a picture of her pregnancy tests. “I know I’m not completely ready to be a mom again but I know everything will work out perfect!”

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Nikkole further explained she suspected she was pregnant because of the way her boobs felt, the fact she was so nauseous and she was “feeling like s**t” while tanning (free for life!) at Electrik Beach.

“I decided to stop by the $ store and buy a test to reassure myself that I was NOT pregnant. I took the test as soon as I got home and fiddled on my phone for about 10 secs before looking down and seeing two lines,” she said. “I was in shock! I told myself it was because it’s a $ store test and didn’t believe it. I went to my mom to tell her and she told me to go buy another test. I bought a more expensive one and right away, positive.”

Nikkole said she wanted to triple check by going to the hospital, but didn’t have the co-pay to cover the expenses… But, a few hours later, she didn’t have much of a choice when she woke up with extreme flu-like symptoms.

“I couldn’t even keep water down. I finally called my mom and told her I couldn’t handle being this sick and wanted to go the ER,” she said. “I went to the ER complaining of naseau, vomiting, fever, and abdominal pain (my stomach hurt from not eating in 2 days) Within an hour they took a urine sample and came back to tell me that it was positive. I got blood work and an ultrasound to confirm it as well and I’m 3-5 weeks! This is definitely a shock as I wasn’t expecting this at ALL.”

Nikkole said she finally felt a bit better on Sunday, just in time to share the news with fiancé Ryan Rice’s family during his birthday dunner. (She noted the “insane” coincidence that both Ryan and 4-year-old son Lyle’s dad, Josh Drummonds, share the same birthday.)

“Crazy we find out for sure that we’re having a baby on this very day! Thankfully I finally ate at his birthday dinner and got to share the news with his family,” she said. “I’m extremely overwhelmed with emotions and drained from being so sick.”

Nikkole Paulun Fiance Ryan Rice

To top it all off, this weekend was also the one-year anniversary of when Nikkole and Ryan first met. She announced their engagement in June and said they planned to have a destination wedding in October… It doesn’t seem that happened, but they are still together. Based on his Facebook page, he currently works at Stop N Go.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup notes that 10 of the 19 girls who appeared on the second season of 16 and Pregnant have had additional pregnancies. Nikkole previously said she got pregnant in November 2012, but said she lost the baby one month before her due date. However, her longtime friend later provided information to indicate Nikkole staged the pregnancy for money. Nikkole maintained that she actually had a stillbirth…

“Everything that I have said is completely true and the rumors are just mean,” Nikkole said in August 2013. “I just don’t understand how somebody that watched me go through all this can do this as a joke.”

UPDATE Nikkole responded to a person who commented on the link we tweeted by providing her hospital discharge paper, which notes her pregnancy.

Nikkole Paulun Pregnancy Paper

She added, “I refuse to argue with anyone anymore so if you choose to be rude you will just be blocked.”

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