PHOTO Did Teen Mom’s Gary Shirley cheat on Amber Portwood? Meet Kelsi, who he met while shopping for diapers

Amber and Gary’s storyline on tonight’s Teen Mom was a little strange.

First of all, who asks his significant other and mother of his child if he can have some time to themselves (a.k.a “Gary Time”) to figure out if he want to date another young mom he met in Walmart’s diaper section? I guess the grass is just always greener.

Amber did make sarcastic comments and threaten to hit him, but all in all she gave him “24 hours” to decide if he wanted to stick it out with her or if he wanted to pursue another potentially complicated relationship with another young mother. The “other woman” is named Kelsi, and forums were buzzing about Gary’s flirtation with her after he updated his MySpace earlier this year.

According to commenters who followed Kelsi, she also updating her MySpace during this time bragging about shooting scenes with Gary. Is it just me, or is Teen Mom venturing into The Hills territory with some of it’s storylines? It’s entertaining, so I’m not complaining. Either way, after Gary told both girls they were pretty, he decided to stick it out with Amber and Leah. And scene.

Tonight Gary took to his MySpace to defend his honor and say that he never cheated on Amber: “I didn’t cheat on her. Ever. She accused me. The mtv cut it not in the right order I’m pissed.”

Here’s a bonus clip where Gary breaks is to Kelsi  that he doesn’t want to be her man: