PHOTO Teen Mom Chelsea Houska gets her tongue pierced

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska gets her tongue pierced!

In addition to pregnancy rumors, car accidents, pot-smoking videos, new boyfriends and airport arrivals we also keep on top of all the Teen Mom body art additions including tattoos and… piercings!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota’s most famous resident Chelsea Houska posted the above photo on Twitter yesterday revealing a brand spanking new tongue piercing! (Oh, and in case you didn’t know, Chelsea has gone completely blond!)

Chelsea responded to a tweet mentioning the piercing:

MissAdub85: @ChelseaHouska giirrrlll u do not have ur tongue pierced!!! God u remind me of myself wayyyy too much when I was ur age &I’m old now…25!☹

Chelsea Houska: @MissAdub85 lol I randomly decided to do it today I had it pierced and wanted it again.

The tongue hole punch came after Chelsea debated on getting a different piercing in the same place as Marilyn Monroe’s mole:

Chelsea Houska: hmmm. keep bottom lip piercing or take that out and get monroe pierced?..i cant decide :/

So whatya think of Chelsea’s new tongue bling? While you think about it, here are some photos of Chelsea Houska with blond hair:

Chelsea Houska shows off her new blond hair

Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska with blond hair

Pictures of Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska with blonde hair