PHOTO Teen Mom 3’s Matt McCann gets Hannya mask tattoo as gift from fiancee Lekota Koch

Alex Sekella's ex Matt McCannn gets a Hannya mask tattoo courtesy of fiancee Lekota Koch

In the premiere season of Teen Mom 3 currently airing on MTV, Alex Sekella’s ex (and Arabella’s dad) Matt McCann is struggling yet again with his drug addiction as this past week he moved from a hospital to a rehab facility after overdosing on heroin. But viewers need to remember this was all filmed more than a year and a half ago and Matt is now 17 months sober and engaged to be married to fiancée Lekota Koch. And speaking of Lekota, she recently gave Matt a memorable gift in the form of a rather sizable and colorful tattoo!

Seen in the photo above, the tattoo is on Matt’s forearm and features colorful flowers surrounding a Hannya mask, which (according to Wikipedia) “portrays the souls of women who have become demons due to obsession or jealousy.” Though Matt has not come out and said it, I’m sure most viewers of Teen Mom 3 know what the tattoo is is reference to.

Matt wrote on Twitter that he expects to get the tat finished up next week. “Session one tattoo is done,” Matt wrote. “Can’t wait to go back in a week and finish!”

Meanwhile, Matt’s fiancée Lekota also went under the needle and had a mythical figure tattooed on her arm: Walt Disney’s Peter Pan!

Matt McCann's fiancee Lekota Koch Peter Pan tattoo

Matt revealed that after getting his Hannya mask finished he plans on returning to get a Wendy tattoo to match Lekota’s Peter Pan. (He also mentioned that the mask is just “the start of my sleeve,” so I’m guessing we will be seeing more ink there as well.)

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