VIDEO PHOTOS Katy Perry performs “Friday” with Rebecca Black at Nokia Theater in L.A.

Katy Perry and Rebecca Black perform Friday at Nokia Theater in Los Angeles August 6 2011

Fresh off of Rebecca Black’s appearance in Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” music video, the 14-year-old internet sensation was invited to join Katy on stage Friday night during her concert at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles for a duet of Rebecca’s infamous viral smash single “Friday.”

Katy was her usual graciously humble hostess as she introduced Rebecca as “the infamous Rebecca Black” before helping the young star find her spot on stage, singing along to the song, and eventually sharing a genuinely enthusiastic hug:

KAty PErry hugs Rebecca Black after their Friday duet performance in Los Angeles

At the conclusion of the short performance Katy referenced Rebecca Black’s new single “My Moment” by declaring to the audience, “This is our moment!”

Rebecca missed the opportunity to counter by saying “this is my teenage dream,” but did manage a heartfelt “Love you Katy! Weeeoooooooooooo!!” before parting the stage.

Later Katy told the fans, “”Damn it, I love the Internet!” We do too, Katy. We do too!

Katy is set to perform during tonight’s Teen Choice Awards and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a reprise of the “Friday” duet at some point!