PHOTO – Kate Gosselin’s hair gets a weave makeover on People cover

Kate Gosselin Hair

Since Jon and Kate Plus 8 went off the airwaves together, and Jon Gosselin was banned from talking to the media, Kate Gosselin’s been laying low trying to ink dating show deals and growing out her hair. She started having withdrawals from all the lack of attention, so she apparently ransacked Britney Spear’s dumpster for a used and abused weave. Because of all the colorful exploits the weave had experienced on the Circus tour (rumor is before Britney had it, Kim Zolciak was the original owner), it didn’t need any glue to stick to Kate’s head. There was less than a millisecond between the time Kate stuck her weave on to when she hit her People magazine speed dial and got ready for her close-up.

Well, so it didn’t exactly happen like that, it turns out a celebrity stylist named Ted Gibson is to blame for the mess currently on Kate’s head. It makes a person miss the reverse, upside-down, angry beaver look.

Despite how the public may feel about looking at this mess, Kate feels good about her new look, and is ready to go out and make a fresh start. Feeling the long tresses of plastic hair brushing against her neck reminds her that when she didn’t have a weave, she had Jon Gosselin, so I guess this is an improvement.

She told people: “It’s good t have hair again. I never thought I’d have short hair for as long as I did. I feel like this is a fresh start, a fresh me, a fresh life.”

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