PHOTO Catfish’s Nev Schulman and Max Joseph won Throwback Thursday

Catfish's Nev Schulman and Max Joseph throwback photo from Max's 20th birthday

Ever wonder what Max Joseph looked like before he became the much-adored silver-haired sidekick of Nev Schulman on MTV’s Catfish? Thanks to my favorite weekly celebrity hashtag event, we now know!

The #ThrowbackThursday photo above surfaced on the Catfish casting Facebook page and features the Catfish besties together celebrating Max’s 20th birthday. (Although I’m unsure why there appears to be a beer for a 20th birthday.)

Catfish Nev and Max funny faces

And if the photo has you asking yourself the question, “How long have Nev Schulman and Max Joseph known each other?” then we have the answer for you. The two met as teenagers and after the success of Nev’s feature film Catfish documenting his own experience dating a catfish, the two paired up for the MTV show exploring similar relationships.

In case you missed it, there is a bit of good news/bad news for fans of Max and Nev. The good news is that Max is currently directing his first feature-length motion picture starring Zac Efron and Gone Girl star (and “Blurred Lines” music video beauty) Emily Ratajkowski titled We Are Your Friends. The bad news is that because of the new project (a lifelong dream for the film maker), Max will be missing out on five episodes of Catfish Season 4. Celebrity guest co-hosts will attempt to fill his shoes and perform sleuthing and relationship counseling duties alongside Nev for those episodes.

And speaking of Catfish Season 4, it looks as though fans may be seeing a preview trailer or something similar from MTV as soon as Monday! Check out the network’s tweet from a few hours ago:

UPDATE – We were right! Watch the Catfish Season 4 trailer here!

If the anxiety of missing Max has you a little down, then what better picker-upper could there be than an even throwbackier pre-chest-hair photo of Nev as a boy?

UPDATE – And another throwback photo of Catfish’s Max Joseph before he he had gray hair — oh, and shirtless too!

Catfish Max Joseph before he had gray hair throwback photo

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