Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida divorce finalized again – this time for realsies

Phaedra Parks Apollo Nida divorce is final

Phaepollo is officially no more as The Real Housewives of Atlanta super-couple Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida have officially divorced. Fans may recall that they officially divorced before, but that decree was later reversed by a judge due to what Apollo’s attorney’s described as “shady” tactics by Phaedra Parks — including the intentional misspelling of Apollo’s last name.

TMZ broke the news of the divorce being finalized, and they reveal that Apollo got what he wanted as far as their children go. “They’ll share joint legal custody and Phaedra will have primary physical custody,” the site reports. “As part of the custody arrangement, Apollo gets weekly phone calls with their 2 kids.”

As far as the money and property, that all remains confidential. The same goes for spousal support, if any. Just last week The Jasmine Brand reported on Phaedra’s legal wrangling to have her financial records sealed in the case:

She fears the case will be turned into a spectacle if her financial affidavits showing her income and assets are made public. Phaedra explains the risk of the information being leaked to the press, only to become another gossip website headline over the divorce.

Phaedra says if her information leaks, it would likely cause her unnecessary intrusion into details of her personal finances and cause her family embarrassment.

Meanwhile, both Phaedra and Apollo seemed to have addressed the divorce settlement on social media:

Apollo Nida divorce Instagram post

We haven’t gotten a reaction from Apollo Nida’s fiance Sherien Almufti yet, but we’re imagining it’s something like this:

Dancing Michelle Obama animated gif

In case you missed it, Sherien was obviously optimistic about the divorce going through because she recently filmed an episode of Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta. Do you think we will be seeing a prison wedding soon?

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