Pawnography, a Pawn Stars spinoff game show, is happening

Pawnography - Pawn Stars Game Show

History Channel is expanding on its most popular franchise this summer with the premiere of Pawnography.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the all-new game show will feature super fans going up against Pawn Stars‘ Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison and Chumlee for a chance to win “treasurable items from the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawnshop.”

The competitors will go head-to-head against the rivaling star in increasingly difficult rounds of trivia. If successful, the fan wins cash prizes and/or items from the reality star’s personal collection.

“We are thrilled to work with Leftfield Pictures on this exciting and challenging new game show that combines the two elements that make Pawn Stars an absolute fan favorite — history and the fun family-dynamic between the Harrisons and Chumlee,” History’s senior vp of programming Frontain Bryant said in a statement.

The 10-episode first season is set to premiere this summer. Until then, just try to picture Chumlee saying “Pawnography” while keeping a straight face.

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