Paris Hilton announces 2024 Olympics logo as spokesperson for Summer Games

C’est chaud! The 2024 Summer Olympics are being held in Paris, France and they’ve tapped the most fitting spokesperson to make their announcements.

Paris Hilton, with help from her famous dog, revealed the logo for the Paris Olympics, along with info on what we can expect.

2024 Summer Olympics

The 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics will be hosted by Paris, France. Plans for future years are already set through 2032, with Milan Cortina (2026), Los Angeles (2028) and and Brisbane (2032) all acting as future locations for the sporting event.

Paris Hilton announced the 2024 Summer Games with an adorable promotional spot for NBC earlier this week.

In the cheeky video, the famous DJ acknowledges that “all eyes will be on Paris” but is visibly disappointed when she realizes they’re referring to the country.

The big logo reveal

When you learn more about the logo chosen for the Summer Games you understand how deeply passionate Paris is about representing their country.

The official press release describes it as “a timeless elegance and sophistication that is distinctly Parisian, the logo is evocative of a well-established couture fashion label. The typography is rooted in French Art Nouveau letterforms with modern tapering and flair.”

Très Chic!

Paris Hilton, spokesperson

Because of her famous name, Hilton was the natural choice for anything involving Paris. When the 2024 Summer Olympics were slated for France, Paris was immediately tapped.

The socialite tells NBC:

I’m thrilled to partner with NBC to help reveal the logo for the Paris Olympics. The Olympics are so iconic, and Paris is, of course, one of my very favorite cities so it’s been really special to be able to participate in the countdown to get fans excited about the 2024 Games!

Her most personable, funny scenes can be seen in the outtakes, which NBC released alongside the official promotional spots.

The 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics will be presented by NBCUniversal and Peacock in the summer of 2024.

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