Hilton confirms ‘Paris: The Memoir’ set for March 2023 release, pre-order now

Paris Hilton is spilling the tea… and it’s “hot.”

After decades in the public eye, the socialite turned business mogul is ready to tell her story in an autobiography aptly titled Paris: The Memoir.

The Simple Life

Paris Hilton first burst on to the scene as a socialite in the era of Y2K.

Her father, Richard (Rick) Hilton, is a real estate tycoon responsible for developing the famous gated community Brentwood Country Estates. At present day, his net worth is an estimated 350M.

Paris, along with her friend Nicole Richie, surged in popularity when she starred on the wildly successful reality series The Simple Life.

The Simple Life aired from 2003-2007 with a concept so outrageous the Real Housewives crew is currently attempting to replicate its success.

Over the years Paris Hilton has released numerous perfumes, clothing lines, and has even become one of the most sought after club DJ’s – currently raking in an estimated 1 million dollars per performance.

Paris Hilton’s traumatic past

Most fans mistakenly believed that Paris Hilton’s bubbly, carefree persona was a true reflection of the happiness she was experiencing.

Turns out the reality star was hiding a tormented past which included time spent at a “work camp” educational facility.

In the 2020 documentary This is Paris, Hilton details her traumatic childhood of getting ripped out of her bedroom by strangers and being taken away.

She was ultimately brought to Provo Canyon School, a Utah boarding facility for “troubled teens” that Hilton says left her with “anxiety, trust issues and insomnia.”

Paris: The Memoir

We don’t know all the stories that will be included in Paris Hilton’s new autobiography, but you have to imagine her time at Provo Canyon will be discussed in detail.

The official description for Paris: The Memoir gives us a glimpse into what we can expect:

Behind Paris Hilton’s meteoric rise from Upper West Side club kid to household name lies her self-proclaimed “superpower” of ADHD and a hidden history that traumatized and defined her. Shocking, funny, and surprisingly profound, PARIS is the deeply personal memoir of the ultimate It Girl and a stunning inside view of a pop culture phenomenon.

Until, in a revealing documentary, Paris Hilton disclosed that her childhood was shattered by two years of strip searches, isolation, beatings, restraint, and brainwashing within the now infamous “troubled teen industry,” Paris Hilton was simply the billionaire heiress America had watched grow up on television, on the internet, and in tabloids. But there was always more to Paris Hilton than met the eye. Yes, she is the media personality, DJ, entrepreneur, model, singer, actress, and icon beloved all over the globe. And yet…

Paris is the story people have always wanted Paris Hilton to tell—the story of who she really is. In this revealing and thought-provoking book, Hilton will separate the creation from the creator, the brand from the ambassador, and show the woman who grew up with incredible privilege but was also trapped in a world of unreasonable expectation at a moment when young women were humiliated for sport in a gossip economy on steroids. PARIS recounts her perilous journey through pre-#METOO sexual politics with grace, generosity, and plenty of fun, rising above a series of heart-wrenching challenges to find healing, lasting love, and a life of meaning and purpose.

Available for pre-order now, Paris: The Memoir is set to be released March 14, 2023 by HarperCollins.

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